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cube body, is composed of 6 identical square surrounded by three-dimensional graphics, so it is also called regular hexahedron, Cube, English spelling is cube.

cube characteristics

1. cube has 12 edges, and each edge has the same length

2. The cube has 8 vertices

3. The cube has 6 faces and the area is equal

4. The length of the cube edge is expanded by n times, the sum of the length of the edge is expanded by n times, the area is expanded by n², and the volume is expanded by n³.

5. Use the same small cube to form a large cube, at least 8 pieces are needed

Line ac = cd = db = ab is called edge. Each Angle (such as the endpoints: a, b, c and d) is called a vertex.

Each one Plane such as (a b c d plane) is called cube decent.

Each one cube has 6 faces, 8 vertices and 12 sides.