arbitrarily trigonometric Calculator tool

side a:
side b:
side c:
Angle A:  
Angle B:  
Angle C:  
Area: Circumference:
Outer circle radius: Radius of the tangent circle:
Height of side a: b side height:
c side height: a bisector:
b side bisector: c bisector:
Middle line on side a: b side median line:
Center line on side c:  

import three-point coordinates when trigonometric three-point coordinates are known:

X Y  
A :  
B :  
C :  
The non-collinear three points on the Plane and the connecting line segments at each two points form a closed graph (including its inner region) called a trigonometric. Each line segment that makes up a trigonometric shape is called a trigonometric edge. The common endpoints on each side are called trigonometric vertices. The corner between the two sides is called trigonometric inner corner, trigonometric corner for short. The Angle between a trigonometric extension line and its adjacent edge is called the trigonometric outer Angle. denote: △ABC, read as: trigonometric ABC. Denote: △ABC, read as: trigonometric ABC

The graph surrounded by three straight lines on the Plane or three arcs on the sphere, the graph surrounded by three straight lines is called Plane trigonometric; The shape formed by three arcs is called a spherical trigonometric, also called a trilateral. △ABC..