Rhombus Area & Perimeter Calculator

Calculating Rhombus Area Using Trigonometry

Calculating Rhombus Area using Diagonal Method

Rhombus Calculator is an online tool for geometry calculation programmed to find out the Rhombus Area and Perimeter of the given values of Length and Angle. The Area and Perimeter can also be calculated by the input values of two diagonal lengths D1 and D2. Rhombus is a flat shape with four equal sides and four angles which are not 90-degrees

Rhombus Area & Perimeter Calculation


Rhombus Area (Trigonometry)   = A2
Rhombus Area (Diagonal method)= (D1 x D2)/2
Rhombus Perimeter  = 4A

Therea are two methods used in Rhombus calculation to find out the Rhombus Area and Perimeter. The first one is called as Trigonometry Method Calculation and the another is Diagonal Method Calculation. These two methods are using different formulas and input values to find out the respective output quantity