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square - Length of side
square - diagonal
rectangle - two lengths of side
rhomboid - One side and one corner
parallelogram - two sides and one corner

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parallelogram, square, rhomboid, rectangle Calculator tool

In Plane geometry, square (Square) is a polygon with four equal sides and four equal interior angles combined. A square is a kind of Regular polygon one, also known as a regular quadrilateral. Each interior Angle is a right Angle, that is, 90 degrees.

In geometry, a rectangle (also known as a Rectangle) defines as a quadrilateral with four equal interior angles, that is, all interior angles are right angles. From this definition it follows that the two opposite sides of a rectangle are equal in length, and in other words the rectangle is parallelogram. square is a special case of a rectangle where both of its four sides are equal in length. At the same time, square is both rectangle and rhomboid.

In one Plane, a set of adjacent parallelograms equal to each other is rhomboid (rhombus).

Two sets of diagonally equal quadrangles in the same Plane are called parallelograms.