sector 、string、 Arc length Calculator tool

Select two parameters you know number
radius and center corner radius chord AB
radius and arch height ED radius and edge center distance OE
radius chord AB
String AB and arch height ED string AB & Edge center distance OE
arch height Edge center distance OE string AB & Arc AB

Significant number number >>>

AO and OB are called radius

AC, BC and AB are called strings

Angle ACB is a circular Angle

Angle AOB is the central image

Bending AB part is arc arc.

OE is the edge distance

trigonometric AOB is trigonometric district

ED is the arch height

Arc length Calculator formulas is: (Central Angle / 180°) •π • r

The yellow area is sector

sector area formulas is: (Angle AOB / 360°) •π • r²

Green area is the arch height area

This area magnitude = sector area - AOB trigonometric