point division Calculator tool

import numerator and denominator
A : B = :

Divide the numerator and denominator of one point by the common divisor at the same time, and the point value is unchanged, this process is called divisor, and the divisor is based on: the basic property of point.

Example a/b This is one point where a can be written as c*d,b as c*e, and then a/b can be written as d/e, because there are common factors c that cancel out both the numerator and the denominator.

Simplest point: The numerator and denominator have no common factor fractions except 1, called the simplest point.

Note: About time as far as possible to use oral calculation, the one point is equal to it, but the numerator and denominator are relatively small point, called the reduction. For the approximate time, the numerator and denominator of the point are removed by a common divisor (except 1). Usually you divide until you get to the simplest point.

approximate time, can quickly see the numerator and denominator of the largest common divisor, directly with their largest common divisor removal is relatively simple.