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One, pure loop minimization point

The first number after the small number point is called a pure circular small number. How do we convert this to a point? Look at the following example.

number the pure loop. point:

Pure cyclic small number The small number part can be turned into a point, where the numerator is one and the number both are 9 in the denominator. The number of the 9's and the number of the loop sections are the same. If you can agree, you should agree.

Two, mixed cycle small number point

does not loop a small number in the first place after the small number point is called a mixed loop small number. How do you turn a small number of mixed cycles into a point? Reduce the number point of the mixed loop.

(2) Look at the small number part 0.353

one mixed loop small number Small number part can be converted to point, The point molecule is the difference between the number of the small part before the second loop section and the number of the non-cyclic part of the small number section. The first number in the denominator is 9, and the last number is 0. 9's number and the number of bits in the loop section are the same, and 0's number and the number of bits in the non-loop section are the same.

Three, cycle small number four calculate

After the loop small number is converted to point, the loop small number four can calculate according to point four calculate (i.e. plot). In this sense, the calculation of a cyclic small number four is the same as the calculation of a finite small number four, which is also the calculation of a point four.

finitely small number to point directly remove the small number point, the denominator corresponds to tens of millions of equals. Redivide.

Example: 0.333..... = 3/9=1/3

0.214214214214214... =214/999

Simply say that each one cycle section is the numerator, and the cycle section has several numbers and the denominator is several 9

0.3333... The loop section is 3 0.214..... Loop section 214

0.52525252... The cycle section is 52, so 0.525252... = 52/99