Javascript popup code generating

Modify the following options, import after you want the content click generating button。

generating After that, the corresponding link will appear,you can click test。


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pop up code

from below generating Copy the pop-up window code in the box

Have you ever visited a website that displays a pop-up window as soon as you land on the homepage? These pop-ups can be used to display important information such asNotes, copyright information, warnings, welcome, etc., or other messages that the author wants to bring to your attention. Creating such a pop-up is actually very easy, and can be achieved by adding a few lines of JavaScript code to the HTML of your page. In this article, I will show you how to do it.

[The most basic pop-up window code]

Actually the code is very simple: ('page.html')

Because this is a piece of javascripts code, they should be placed between JAVASCRIPT tags。 ('page.html') Used to control pop-up new windowspage.html, page.html no and The main window is under the same path, and the path should be written in front. Both absolute paths (http://) and relative paths (../) are acceptable.

You can use either single quotes or double quotes, just don’t mix them.。

This piece of code can be added HTML arbitrarily Position, the earlier it is, the earlier it will be executed. Especially if the page code is long and you want the page to pop up earlier, try to put it as far forward as possible.。