Hepatitis B two halves

HBsAg-Hepatitis B virus surface antigen´╝Ü



1 (HBsAg-HBV surface antigen) is a sign of having been infected with the virus, and does not reflect whether the virus has replication, replication degree, infectivity

2 (HBsAb- hepatitis B virus surface antibody) is a marker of neutralizing antibody, whether recovery or resistance is the main indicator. Hepatitis B vaccination, if only positive, should be considered as hepatitis B vaccination after normal phenomenon; After infection with hepatitis B virus, the human body will also produce hepatitis B surface antibodies, which is one kind of good phenomenon

3 (HBEAG-Hepatitis B virus e antigen) is a marker of viral replication. Persistent positive for more than 3 months has a chronic tendency

4 (HBEAB-Hepatitis B virus e antibody) is a marker of viral replication stop. Virus replication is reduced, and infectivity is weaker than that of HBV virus model (2 photos), but not completely without infectivity

5 (HBcAb- hepatitis B virus core antibody) is a sign that has been infected or is currently infected. Core antibody IGM is a sign of recent infection or virus replication, and core antibody IgG is produced after infection, which has certain significance for assisting the two-and-a-half test.