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How long do you wake up? Smoke your first cigarette?
Do you find it a little hard to resist being in a no-smoking place?
What cigarette can't you give up?
How many do you smoke a day?
If you smoke more in the morning?
You smoke when you're bedridden?
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Nicotine, commonly known as nicotine, is one kind of alkaloid found in the Solanaceae plant (Solanaceae) and an important component of tobacco. Nicotine is addictive or dependent (one of the hardest addictions to break), people often find it difficult to control themselves, and repeated Use of nicotine also increases heart speed and blood pressure and reduces appetite. In large doses, nicotine can cause vomiting and nausea, and in severe cases, death. Tobacco often contains nicotine, which prevents many smokers from kicking the habit.