Whip Antenna Calculator

Frequency: MHz
Length: Inches
Diameter: Inches
Capacitance: pF
Inductance: nH
Quarter Wavelength: m
Antenna Length: %
Radiation Resistance: Ohms

The whip antenna is a stiff but flexible wire mounted, usually vertically, with one end adjacent to a ground plane. The whip antenna can also be called a half-dipole antenna.

These antennas are widely used for mobile applications and hand-held radios. They are usually attached to a vehicle and designed to be flexible, so that they don't break when struck.

The capacitance is related by a formula and is a function of the percentage of wavelength.

The matching inductor is chosen such that the antenna resonates at the desired frequency.

When the antenna is perfectly tuned then it looks like a pure resistance tied to ground. This resistance is known as the radiation resistance.