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formality, a×10's to the NTH power. one Number is expressed as (a×10's to the NTH power), where 1≤|a|<10, n represents the whole number. This method of writing numbers is called the number method by scientists. The power formality is sometimes used to conveniently express some large numbers encountered in daily life. For example, the speed of light is about 300 000 000 m/s; The number of people in the world is about 6 million million. Often see such a large number in physics, it is very inconvenient to read and write, considering that the 10's power has the following characteristics.

Generally, 10n powers, followed by n zeros after 1, so that you can use 10's powers to represent some large number, such as: 6 100 000 000=6.1×1 000 000 000.