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decimalism to Octal

This Calculator tool quickly implements decimalism number conversions to Octal number!

Octal and decimalism conversions

(1) Octal conversions are decimalism

method: In addition to weights, multiply each Octal number by a bit weight, and then add the number to a decimalism number.

Example: ① Convert Octal number 67.35 conversions to decimalism

(2) decimalism conversions as Octal

decimalism conversions into Octal There are two methods:

1) Indirect method: decimalism conversions into Binary, then Binary conversions into Octal

2) Direct method: We said earlier that Octal is derived from Binary, so We can use and decimalism conversions as a Binary method, Or whole number partial conversions and small number partial conversions, let's explain it specifically:

① Whole number part

method: In addition to 8, every time the whole number part is divided by 8, the residual number is the number of the weight, and the quotient continues to divide by 8, the residual number is the number of the weight of the previous one, this step continues until the quotient is 0, and finally when the number is read, From the last remaining number, all the way to the first remaining number.

② Small number part

method: The method of multiplying by 8 is to multiply the small number by 8, then complete the number part, and continue to multiply the remaining small number by 8, then complete the number part, and multiply the remaining small number by 8, until the small number part is zero. It can never be zero, it's the same as rounding up the decimalism number, so let's call it 3 round off 4.

Example: Change decimalism number 796.703125 conversions to Octal number

solution: First divide this Number into the whole number part 796 and the small number part 0.703125

Therefore, receive Results decimalism 796.703125 conversions Octal is 1434.55

The above method you can verify, you can first decimalism conversions, then conversions as Octal, and see if the receive Results are the same