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Wave frequency (F) = W/m2
Wave velocity (V) = m
Wave length (W) = W

Along the direction of Wave propagation, the distance between two adjacent particles in phase is called "Wave length". It refers to the distance between two arbitrarily 2π phase difference particles in a fluctuating medium. For Example, in a longitudinal Wave, the distance between the center of two adjacent sparse parts or the distance between the center of two adjacent dense parts will also be tantamount to Wave length. In shear waves, the distance between two troughs or the distance between two peaks is also tantamount to Wave length. As defined by Wave velocity and Wave length: In one period of particle vibration, the propagation distance of vibration state is exactly one Wave length, so λ=v/f, or λ=vT. It can be seen from the above formula that the Wave velocity of the same frequency wave is different in different media. So the Wave length is different. Where λ represents Wave length. Wave length, Wave velocity and wave source vibration frequency are called wave three elements.

Wavelength of sound: W = V/F

Wavelength of sound: W = V/F


W = Wave length

F = Wave frequency

V = Wave velocity