pressure Calculator tool(force area )

Calculator :
Power(F) = N
area (A) = m2
pressure (S) = Pa

pressure is the ratio of the force distributed on a particular surface to the area. In other words, pressure is the magnitude of the force acting on and perpendicular to the surface of the object per unit area. It is also a physical quantity that indicates the effect of pressure action (deformation effect). In the International System of Units (SI), the unit of pressure is the pascal, or pa (named in honor of the French scientist PASCAL Blaise pascal), which is the Newton/square meter. Common units of pressure are kilopascal, kg force/square centimeter, and torre. It is usually expressed in English letter "Pa".

Calculator formulas are p=F/A, that is, pressure = pressure (vertical force)/force area


pressure: S = F/A

S = pressure, F = force, A = area.