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Sound intensity level

In psychophysics, the unit area average of Sound energy through the unit time perpendicular to the direction of sound wave propagation is called Sound intensity. Sound intensity is expressed in watts per square meter (I). Psychophysical studies have shown that the perception of Sound intensity is not proportional to sound intensity, but proportional to its logarithms. This is why people Use Sound intensity level to express Sound intensity.

Its unit is Bell Sound intensity level (Bell, Bel)

L = log (10) [I/I0] = lg (I/I0)

Generally, people can distinguish between two sounds with a difference of one-tenth of the Bell in intensity, so it is more convenient to use one-tenth of the Bell as a unit of Sound intensity, which is called decibel (decibel), referred to as decibel (dB), that is,

SIL = 10log (10) [I/I0] = 10lg (I/I0)

In the

formula, I is the Sound intensity, I0=10^-12 watts/square meter is called the Reference sound intensity, and the common unit of Sound intensity level is decibel (dB).

Sound intensity level:

Sound intensity level Calculator: SIL = 10log10(I/I0)

IL = Sound intensity level

I = Sound intensity

I0 = Reference Sound intensity