Momentum theorem Calculator tool(force time )

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Power(F) = N
time change (ΔT) = s
momentum (ΔM) = kg-m/s
Momentum theorem

Momentum theorem It's the increment in momentum of the object to be tantamount to the impulse of the combined force on it that is Ft=Δvm, or the sum of all the vectors of the impulse of the external force. If the sum of the vectors of a system that is not subject to an external force or force is zero, then the total momentum of the system remains unchanged, this conclusion is called the law of conservation of momentum. momentum conservation law is one of the most important and universal conservation laws in Nature, which applies to both macroscopic objects and microscopic particles. It can be applied to both slow moving objects and fast moving objects, and it is one experimental law, which can also be deduced by Newton's second law and kinetic energy theorem.

momentum: ΔM = F*ΔT

F = force

ΔT = time change