Kinematic viscosity Calculator tool

Dynamic viscosity: Nsm-2
Kinematic viscosity : m2s-1
density : kgm-3
Kinematic viscosity Kinetic viscosity Kinematic viscosity is the ratio of kinematic viscosity to the density ρ of a fluid at the same temperature. The unit is (m^2)/s. Use lowercase letter v. Note: The unit used to be St (s) St (s) and (m^2)/s rate relationship is: 1(m^2)/s=10^4St=10^6cSt. (where "cSt" read as "Les") regards the flowing liquid as many parallel moving liquid layers, each layer has different speed, forming a speed gradient (dv/dx), which is the basic characteristic of flow.

formulas v = m/p

v = Kinematic viscosity [m2s-1]

m = dynamic viscosity [Nsm-2]