gravitation Potential energy Calculator tool

Quality (M) = kg
distance (x) = m
gravitation Potential energy = joule

gravitation Potential energy, objects (especially celestial bodies) that have energy in the gravitational field are called gravitation Potential energy, In physics, infinity is often defined as zero Potential energy for gravitation Potential energy, and the expression for gravitation Potential energy is E=-GMm/r. Is Scalar quantity, where the unit is focal (J) G is the constant number of gravity, M is the Quality of the object (central object) generating the gravitational field, m is the object Quality studied, and r is the distance between the two centroids. It is well known that gravity Potential energy is the expression of gravitation Potential energy in special cases

万有gravitation Potential energy = −(G×M) / x

G = 6.674 × 10-11 N(m/kg)²

M = Quality

x = distance