Power harmonics Calculator tool

Dominant frequency
Primary harmonic= (Hertz/gigahertz)
2 subharmonic= (Hertz/gigahertz)
3rd subharmonic= (Hertz/gigahertz)
4 subharmonic= (Hertz/gigahertz)
5 subharmonic= (Hertz/gigahertz)
6 subharmonic= (Hertz/gigahertz)
7 subharmonic= (Hertz/gigahertz)
8 subharmonic= (Hertz/gigahertz)
9 subharmonic= (Hertz/gigahertz)
10 subharmonic= (Hertz/gigahertz)
11 subharmonic= (Hertz/gigahertz)
12 subharmonic= (Hertz/gigahertz)
13 subharmonic= (Hertz/gigahertz)
14 subharmonic= (Hertz/gigahertz)
15 subharmonic= (Hertz/gigahertz)

Since the effective component of the AC network is a single frequency of power frequency, any and different components of power frequency can be called subharmonic. Because the sinusoidal voltage is applied to a non-Biometrics load, the fundamental current distorts to produce a subharmonic. The main non-Biometrics loads are UPS, switching power supplies, rectifiers, frequency converters, inverters, etc.