Doppler radar Calculator tool

Speed of Light (c) =
goal speed (v) =
Initial frequency (Ft) = MHz
(medicine) dislocation frequency(Fr) = MHz
Doppler frequency(Fd) = MHz
> Doppler radar is the use of Doppler effect for positioning, speed measurement, ranging and other working radar. The so-called Doppler effect is that when the vibration source such as sound, light and radio waves and the observer move relative to each other at a relative speed V, the vibration frequency received by the observer and the frequency emitted by the vibration source are different. Because this phenomenon was first discovered by Austrian scientists Doppler, it is called the Doppler effect. The frequency change caused by the Doppler effect is called the Doppler shift, which is proportional to the relative speed V and inversely proportional to the vibration frequency.


frequency shift (F r ) = F t x ((1 + (v/c))/(1 - (v/c)))

Doppler frequency (Fd) = Fr - Ft

Ft = original frequency, c = Speed of Light