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slope, also known as "angular number", indicates the degree of slope of a straight line relative to the horizontal axis. The tangent value of the Angle between the direction of the positive half axis of the horizontal axis of a rectangular coordinate system is that the straight line is relative to the slope of the coordinate system. The straight line and the X-axis are perpendicular to each other, and the right tangent value is infinite, so the straight line does not have a slope. When a straight line L slope exists, for a first Function y=kx+b, k is the Function imagery slope.

When the straight line L slope exists, the slant form y=kx+b when k=0 y=b

When straight line L slope exists, point slope y2-y1 =k(X2 - X1),

When the straight line L has non-zero intercept on both axes, there is intercept X/a+y/b=1

For a arbitrarily Function point, its slope be tantamount to the Angle between its tangent line and the positive direction of the x axis, that is, tanα

slope Calculator: ax+by+c=0, k=-a/b.

straight line slope formulas :k=(y2-y1)/(x2-x1)

Two perpendicular intersecting straight line slope multiply is -1: k1*k2=-1.