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Linear interpolation is a simple interpolation method widely used in mathematics, computer graphics and other fields.

The common calculation method is as follows: suppose we know the coordinates (x0,y0) and (x1,y1), to get the value of a position x on the line in the interval [x0,x1].

We can get (y-y0)(X-x0)/(y1-y0)(x1-x0) Assuming that the value on both sides of the equation is α, then this value is the interpolation coefficient - the ratio of the distance from x0 to x to the distance from x0 to x1.

Since the value of x is known, the value of α can be obtained from the formula α=(X-x0)/(x1-x0) Similarly, α=(y-y0)/(y1-y0), which can be expressed algebraically as: y = (1-α)y0 + αy1 or y = y0 + α(y1-y0) so you can get y directly from α.

formula: Y = ((X - X1) (Y2 - Y1)/(X2 - X1)) + Y1

Here: X1,Y1 = first value, X2,Y2 = second value, X = target value,Y = result