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Simplest quadratic radical formula:X√

Determine whether one quadratic radical is the Simplest quadratic radical The main method is radical according to the Simplest quadratic radical definition, or intuitively observe that every divisor (or factor) Exponentiation of the squared number is less than radical Exponentiation2, and that the squared number does not contain a denominator, When the root number is a polynomial, you factor it first and then look at it.

Example: √8, √18, √32, √2, 3√3, 5√5 Which is the Simplest quadratic radical form?

Answer: √2, 3√3, 5√5 is the Simplest quadratic radical.

As can be seen from the above example, when one quadratic radical expression is encountered, simplifying it will bring convenience to solve the problem.

The quadratic radical expression is called the Simplest quadratic radical expression if it satisfies the following two conditions:

(1) The number divisor is an integral number and the factor is an integral;

(2) The number of the root does not contain a divisor or factor.