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one x cube be tantamount to a,x hypotenuse (math.) be tantamount to a(x^3=a),3 x progression multiply be tantamount to a, then number x is a cube radical (cube root), cube root (math.)。

any cube radical The three cube radicals are evenly distributed on the circumference of the circle centered at the origin and radiused at the arithmetic radical, and the corresponding points of the three cube radicals form a positive trigonometric shape. Properties of cube radical: (1) any number that is not 0 has three cube radicals. (2) 0 cube radical is 0. Generally, one number X cube be tantamount to a, then this number X is called a cube radical (cube root, cube root (math.))。 in other words , x3=a, then x a cube radical 。0 is 0 cube radical 。