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Quadratic Equation quadratic equation of one unknown) means that there is only one unknown number, and the highest order of the unknown number is the quadratic integral Equation, General formality of this Equation formula is: ax²+bx+c=0 (a≠0), where ax² is a quadratic term, bx is a primary term, c is a constant number term, and A and b are constant numbers. a≠0 is one important condition, otherwise there is no guarantee that the Equation unknown number is quadratic at its highest order.

When Δ=b^2-4ac≥0, x=[-b±(b^2-4ac)^(1/2)]/2a

when Δ = b ^ 2-4 ac < 0, x = {- b - [(4 ac - b ^ 2) ^ (1/2)]} I / 2 a (I is imaginary number unit)

Quadratic Equation method:

ax^2+bx+c=0(a,b,c is a constant number)