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Modulo calculate and remainder calculate are different. "Mod" is the phonetic translation of "Mod", modulate calculate is mostly used in program writing. Mod means to find the remainder. Modulo calculate has a wide range of applications in number theory and programming, from parity discrimination to prime number discrimination, from modulo power calculate to greatest common divisor, from Sun Tzu's Problem to Caesar's Cipher Problem, all of them are filled with modulo calculate. Although many number theory textbooks have some introduction to modulo calculate, most of both are purely theoretical, and not much is involved in the application of modulo calculate in program design.

Example 11 Mod 2

Example 11 Mod 2, with value 1

The above modulo calculus is mostly used in programming, so let's take an example to illustrate the principle of modulo calculus:

Turbo Pascal explains mod as follows:

A Mod B = A - (A div B) * B (div means division)