Cubic one yuan Equation online Calculator tool

Example : import a=1, b=8, c=16 d=10。
ax3 + bx2 + cx + d = 0
x3 + x2 + x+ d = 0
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Standard Cubic one yuan Equation aX^3+bX^2+cX+d=0 (a, b, c, d∈R, and a≠0), its solutions are as follows: 1. Italian scholar Cardan published Cardan formulas in 1545; 2. Chinese scholar Fan Shengjin published Shengjin formulas in 1989.

Both formulas can solve the standard Cubic one yuan Equation. Due to the complexity of solving problems with Caldan formulas, compared with Shengjin formulas, it is simple and clear, convenient to remember, and more intuitive and efficient to solve problems.

Shengjin formulas

When A=B=0, the Equation has one triple real radical.

When Δ=B^2-4AC>0, the Equation has one real radical and a pair of conjugate virtual radicals.

When Δ=B^2-4AC=0, the Equation has three real radicals, of which there is one double radical.

When Δ=B^2-4AC<0, the Equation has three unequal real radicals.